Happy New Year! And Other Old News

I have returned from holidays! Huzzah! It was six weeks of bliss, and while it may have been mostly World of Warcraft free, the friendships I have made both in-game and through the blogging community still managed to find me in the “real world”, and not in a creepy stalker way, either. This past festive season has done nothing but cement what I already knew; that the guild mates and bloggers I have met through World of Warcraft are truly awesome. May 2013 bring you plenty of epics 😉


While I may have been too busy jumping out of planes to keep up with my blog roll, the lovely Angelya let me know via Twitter about Discopriest’s WoW Secret Santa. While I had a bit of a challenge on my hands trying to find something Warcraft-ish in the small town I was visiting at the time, I managed to put together a little package for @noadikins complete with polymorph coffee mug. It wasn’t quite the Ghost Wolf I had hoped to get, but hey! Mage was listed as an alt, so it totally works. In return, I got the gorgeous, handmade package (pictured below) from @glowbie.  Aren’t those Space Invader earrings just adorable? Thank you, Glow!

My lovely Secret Santa package from @glowbie
My lovely Secret Santa package from @glowbie

Concur Catch Up

One of the joys of playing with friends from back home, is when I myself go back home we can usually do a “guild catch up”. This year we had the pleasure of being joined by two guild mates who we had known for years in-game, but had never met in person. It was a truly awesome — and surreal — to hear familiar voices from Mumble coming from the seat across from you at the local pub! There were many laughs, as well as a few of those, “Who is the Druid again?” moments, but all in all it was a fantastic afternoon. My only regret is that I couldn’t stay longer and get to know them both a bit better.

Seasons Greetings from Concur
Seasons Greetings from Concur

Back To The Grind

Now that I am back home, it’s time to sort out what on earth is happening with my guild. In my absence we lost almost an entire team of raiders, which forced the Raid Leaders to make some tough choices and merge down to just the one team. I never thought I would see the day where we would have too many tanks and healers and nowhere near enough DPS, but it happened and it was terrible. My mission for this month is to get an alt and sub friendly raid up and running once a fortnight so that those of us who missed out on a core spot can still sink our teeth into some normal modes. While raid leading is far from my favourite thing to do, I do miss raiding with friends, and this is the best way to make it happen. Expect to see many posts consisting of my tears in the near future 😉

Skydiving: Nowhere near as terrifying as tanking.
Skydiving: Nowhere near as terrifying as Raid Leading.

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