Four Tips For Leveling on a PvP Server

Hi folks! Nope, I’m not dead, though my credibility may be once you realise what I’ve been doing with my time in World of Warcraft

It was a joke at first. I was full of bourbon a little bit tipsy and thought it would be funny to have a pandaren Monk called Neribear (Do NOT even start with how that name would be better suited for a Guardian Druid or I WILL find a way to shank you through my monitor) because that’s what you do when you’re home alone on a Saturday night, right? It wasn’t meant to be a forever thing, just a bit of fun. Except, she’s sorta-kinda-maybe level 63 now. Guess how many times she has been ganked? Got a number in your head? Awesome. I have been ganked four times in total. Bet you weren’t expecting that number, were you! I know, I know, I’m amazing. Would you like to know my secrets to leveling on a PvP server with minimal fuss? Too bad if you don’t, I’m going to share them with you anyhow.

Hello! My name is Neribear and I will be your guide today.
Hello! My name is Neribear and I will be your guide today.

Step One: Pick a class that rocks at running away

I can’t PvP for the life of me, but that doesn’t matter because you stand approximately zero chance of fending off a bored level 90 who wants to see your cute little panda face crushed into the dirt. What I am good at, though, is spotting a threat and fleeing before they notice me. If you’re too slow to notice that death is about to dismount above you, and trust me, that will happen, you will want to pick your resurrection spot wisely. You do not need to be right on top of your corpse to resurrect, and so you have a bit of room to play with. Use the terrain to your advantage and resurrect behind trees, in ravines and whatever else blocks line of sight between you and the jerk assailant. Then, if you cannot fly yet, use your running away abilities (Stealth, Shadowmeld, Bubblehearth, etc) to get out of there as quickly as possible without being noticed. Gankers do not want to have to work for their kills — that’s why they’re ganking level 40 players! — so the harder you are to find, the less likely they are to bother you.

Step Two: Turn off your ridiculously long name title

This was a tip I picked up during my brief stint as an Arena hero was to turn off your name titles. Do you want to know why? “If it’s red, it’s dead,” is a common saying amonst PvP people, and your 30 character long name is like a beacon saying, “I’m here! You should kill me immediately!”. It also makes it harder for you to hide. You could be chilling out behind a box, but your Neribear, Champion of the Frozen Wastes title is hanging out the side. Of course, hard core PvPers have nameplates turned on and they will find you no matter how small your name is, but your average ganker isn’t really that serious about PvP, otherwise they would be fighting people their own level and not hanging around the Un’goro Crater volcano.

If I had known about Flying Serpent Kick sooner, I would have been a Monk from the very start.
If I had known about Flying Serpent Kick sooner, I would have been a Monk from the very start.

Step Three: Level in zones far away from enemy hubs

I think the biggest reason why I haven’t had many ganking issues is because I leveled through Kalimdor in underpopulated zones. I picked zones a long way out from any Alliance capitals and so there were less reasons for level 90’s to be out there. While I didn’t get ganked until level 50, my friend leveling in the Eastern Kingdoms was constantly being splattered by Alliance from an early level. I really feel that the further a ganker has to travel to kill you, the less likely you are to encounter them. Remember, ganking is a crime of opportunity! There’s no need to go to Silithus when they can just portal to Blasted Lands and have some fun slaughtering defenceless newbies over there!

If all else fails, try Dungeon Finder

For me, Dungeon Finder is the absolute last resort because, well, I hate people. However, it has a 100% guarantee that you will not be ganked by enemy players, especially if you queue up from the safety of a capital city.  Of course, you are still at the mercy of other idiots doing random things that will make your life miserable, so use this power sparingly lest you lose all hope for the human race.

Got any other tips you would like to share with people struggling to level thanks to the resurgence of world PvP? Share your pearls of wisdom in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “Four Tips For Leveling on a PvP Server

  1. You are very wise. Particularly #1.

    When my older brother found out I was a “Carebear” he was deeply disappointed in me. He’s mentioned it on several occasions. You are a braver panda than I.

    1. I think the hate just gives me power. I’ve copped so much of it, especially over her decidedly terrible name, that it’s just making me love being a panda all that much more! I wish my druid and paladin could be pandas, because I would race change in a heart beat.

      …not bad considering I too used to be a panda hater *hangs head in shame*

  2. Learn to make Proper Use Of Corpses! What better place to sit your character down to drink than within the chest cavity of nearby tent-like beasties? I like clefthoofs best, although my mage fell foul of this practice after a rogue swept down for heavy clefthoof leather and grabbed some blood elf giblets on the side when skinning despawned my hut.

    Despite all the time I’ve spent on PvP servers, I hadn’t thought about the disadvantages of long names at all. That much red text must attract gankers like nothing else.

    1. Oooh, that’s a good one! Perhaps we could add not looting the mobs until after you’ve had your fill so that cheeky Alliance can’t skin your hideout. It’s a win-win, really. You can stay hidden AND you’re inconveniencing them!

  3. I too am leveling a monk on Illidan and your tips are spot on. I find myself enjoying the chaos of a pvp server though.. There is much more happening and the world is far more alive (or at least in the process of reap awning as it does over and over).

    A couple tips I’d add. World pvp (honorable) kills award a lot of honor and there will often be 90s of your faction looking for other 90s to fight. Do “/join 3” to join the local defense channel. Announce where the enemy is and often 90s of your faction will come help and even offer to group with you to find the enemy more easily.

    #2. Run away or if that doesn’t work, walk away from your pc for a few mins. Good time to do some push-ups or crunches. 😀 by the time you return the ganker should have moved on.

    Nice post. 🙂

    1. I agree! I find myself being a lot more alert on my PvP server and have never complained about being ganked. It brings back some of the memories of the “good ol’ days” when I first started playing WoW and ganking was just part of the game. It’s such an awesome feeling knowing you just outsmarted someone with a level advantage over you when you do get away from them.

      Great tips, btw! I especially love the one about walking away from the PC. I like to leave my corpse there when I am getting camped, knowing that someone is wasting their time waiting for me when I have no intention coming back puts a little smile on my face. They haven’t won… I’m out making myself a coffee or playing with my son while they are sitting there waiting for someone 30 levels lower than them to try and “escape”.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  4. My only experiences on PvP servers have been limited. There was Vanilla, when I played WoW for a week and was so pissed off by max level players ganking and camping my little level 16 rogue that I pretty much /ragequit right then and there. (ALL I WANT TO DO IS GET SOME DANG BEARTONGUES RAAAGE.) Buuuut then there’s the DK that I started for a transmog event I wound up not going to, who had zero. Issues. Ever.

    WTB more bland boring blending-in-ness. Or luck, either one.

    1. Depending on the server and the alliance to horde ratio, it used to be a breeze leveling on a PvP server. I know on my server, it used to be a momentous occasion to even *see* an Alliance player, since they all transferred off. It did, however, defeat the purpose of being classed as a PvP server if there was no-one to fight and I think a lot of people are having a hard time adjusting to its resurgence thanks to CRZ.

      You are totally right though, there is definitely a bit of luck involved with escaping the splattering!

  5. Look up, always important since the introduction of flying mounts.
    Get a heirloom pvp trinket, it’s not awesome but it’s better than nothing.

    I used to love leveling on pvp servers, but sometime around Wrath, there was a bit of a change on my then server. As soon as you “ganked” someone even if you were both level 32 in STV, the whining would start.

    Totally agree with the title one, my Undead Priest used to be Lieutenant General Dornröschen. A name and title as long as she was tall, although I have to admit, hiding in bushes wasn’t her style so it didn’t really matter. Come to think of it, Merrymaker Sproutling isn’t much better :p

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