Gaming Goals For June

Setting goals is something that is pretty foreign to me. Sure, I’ve set guild goals like, ‘let’s start raiding by x time’ or whatever, but on a personal level I have always been happy to just coast through life seeing where it takes me. Apparently I’ve grown up over the past few months or something, because I want to get shit done, and apparently adults use goals and schedules to achieve such things.

I think that is part of the issue I am having with MMO’s at the moment; without raiding or officer duties to fill my play time, I am achieving a whole lot of nothing and it’s bumming me out. Thanks to Erinys’s post on organizing her thoughts and my own enjoyment from knuckling down and working on Darkspear Revolutionary, I have decided to have a crack at setting some in-game goals of my own. It’s time to give World of Warcraft one last concerted effort (and continue my other experiments along the way).


Chenchella-Blackrock(US): Level 88 Ele/Resto Shaman

  1. Get to level 90 – I mean, seriously, 35% nerf. It’s not hard.
  2. Smash Alliance in the face in the new battlegrounds
  3. Set up mouse over healing macros and attempt Arena

nerisella02Nerisella-Dath’Remar(Oceanic): Level 86 Shadow/Disc Priest

  1. Actually remember to list auctions so that Disconcur can’t use gold as an excuse as to why he can’t try a haste build over a mastery one
  2. Grin and bear leveling through Valley of the Four Winds to reach level 87


Neribear-Blackrock(US): Level 71 Windwalker Monk

  1. Reach at least level 75
  2. Actually learn how the class works instead of just spamming Jab and Blackout Kick
  3. Pick up some professions

nerisandaNerisanda-Laethys: Level 44 Cleric (Glacial Priest)

  1. It’s probably definitely over-ambitious, but I would really love to actually get into Storm Legion content before RIFT switches to free-to-play. Assuming that doesn’t happen, I’d be happy with just reaching 48 — something that may be easier with the XP buff I’ll supposedly get for renewing my six month sub two freakin’ days before they announced the F2P switch over.
  2. Collect all the artifacts ever! Okay, that one is definitely impossible, but I would at least like to get the cool little chipmunk pet from the Freemarch set.
  3. Find a new guild. The current one hasn’t even accepted my request to join their website. RUDE.


Nerisanda-Tempest Reach: Level 23 Slayer

  1. Move on from the fact that I had to change my name when TERA merged servers and reach level 25
  2. List the 1,256,489 stacks of ore, herbs and essence that I just cannot seem to stop myself from harvesting on the AH

In Summary

Now that I have done this list, I’m looking at it thinking that there is just too much leveling; too much Mists of Pandaria content to suffer through. But I have a whole month to go through, what, three levels of MoP content? Even if I just did one level over the weekend I could still cross off a few points on my list. RIFT and TERA will also serve as fun distractions that will definitely be required after trying new things like Arena and healing without addons!

Wish me luck 🙂

Are you working towards any in-game goals at the moment? Do you find they help you focus and increase your enjoyment of gaming? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Gaming Goals For June

  1. “Actually learn how the class works instead of just spamming Jab and Blackout Kick”

    Yeah, add Spinning Crane Kick in there somewhere, because AWESOME.

    Oh, you mean there’s more? Whoa.

  2. “Actually learn how the class works instead of just spamming Jab and Blackout Kick” Oh, er … you mean that’s not the way, lol. I guess I keep thinking I’ll pay attention when mine gets past level 50 or so. Good luck! I should try making a list, I have a lot of alts waiting at 87 in the same place. I should just pick one and get going.

  3. Monks are easy 😉 Put on the dots, spam buttons and crane kick. Voila, awesome damage!

    Good luck with your goals – I quite like MoP content, especially now the xp has been nerfed!

  4. Am I reading right? WoW is going to be free to play?? (Please tell me I’m reading that right. I’ve been wanting to try, but as a total noob with a 14 month old hooligan dogging my every waking hour, I can’t justify spending money on a subscription when I may only get to play once or twice a week for a while.)

    My game goal, right now, is to actually GET TO PLAY.

    1. There is no official statement that it’s going free to play, just a bunch of speculation because of the in-game cash store they are working on for the Asian region. The common theory is that WoW won’t go F2P until Titan is ready for release, and that’s not scheduled to be at least 2015 now 😦

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