How To Retire As A Guild Master

Stepping down as guild master can spell disaster for your guild if you don’t do it the right way. In this video I talk about how I went about handing over the reigns (Yes, that’s right, my guildies have finally let me retire!) to ensure that the guild and the incoming guild master are prepared for the transition. I even hypothesis over what to do — and what it means for your guild — if no-one is prepared to step up and take control.

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4 thoughts on “How To Retire As A Guild Master

    1. I’ll just carry on with what I’ve been doing; throwing lava at people in PvP and dabbling in alts. The only real difference is that I can now do it without feeling like I’m letting everyone down because I’m focusing on how I want to play instead of the guild. Also: less guilt when I play on different servers! Huzzah!

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