A Hunter Appreciation Week Confession

I like to fancy myself as a bit of an altoholic. Ever since The Burning Crusade I have always had multiple characters at level cap. Things were quite frankly out of control at the end of Cataclysm, with me having two Priests, a Druid, a Warrior, a Rogue, a Mage, a Warlock and a Paladin at level cap, with a Death Knight and Shaman who both fell just a few levels short of the big ding. But Hunters? I have had over half a dozen over the years and none of them ever reach level 20 before they get deleted. Blasphemy!

"Ahh, peace and quiet at last!"
Marilsa, long since deleted Hunter number four.

An Enigma Wrapped In Mystery

I have no idea why I cannot seem to focus on a hunter. I quite enjoy sitting back and pew-pewing things while my pets punch them in the face; my demonology Warlock is evidence of this. But still they remain below level 20.

It has nothing to do with the fact that they wear mail; I have seen some very sexy hunters in my time. But still they remain unloved.

Too many abilities? I wouldn’t know. Seems pretty simple when you’re still a lowbie.

Perhaps it’s the effort of getting one from 1-90? Nope, my fresh-faced Monk is level 87 without even trying.

Look, my latest one is even wearing full heirlooms! And yet she lives at the Silvermoon bank forever doomed to forever post auctions.

"You can't delete me, I have all your glyphs!"
“You can’t delete me, I have all your glyphs!”

I really cannot explain why I can’t stick with a hunter, but perhaps with all the serious hunter lovin’ that will fill up my RSS feed this week, I can finally fall in love with the last class that I have yet to experience at end game.


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