A Not-So-Saintly Priest Tier Twist

You didn’t really think I would miss an opportunity to smite Garrosh in the face, did you? I’ve even dressed up my Priest for the occasion. I reckon even the hotness that is Lor’themar Theron would approve of my battle garments (Though my mother most certainly wouldn’t).

Presenting the “I will never be as amazing at naming ‘mogs as Prinnie” bastardisation ofย Vestments of Ternion Glory:

This image does it no justice. Dammit!


ShouldersShoulderpads of Pulsing Protection


ChestRobes of the Guardian Saint

BracersLifebane Bracers

GlovesSeebo’s Sainted Touch

WaistSash of the Last Guardian

LegsCindercloth Pants

FeetDon’t match. Whoops!

StaffVicious Gladiator’s Energy Staff


As you can probably tell, I am so not cool enough to raid on a proper team! Since moving interstate, I’m now in an awful position where even if I wanted to raid, I can’t because now every single guild I am in raids too early for me to participate. Curse you, time zones! At least LFR has been kind to me, and felt it necessary to give me these phat lewtz so I wasn’t a carry could finally make use of these gorgeous robes without looking like a train wreck from The Burning Crusade. Thanks, Blizz!

All that there is left to do is to figure out why my screenshot quality has plummeted without accidentally whispering Navi console commands or falling off the edge of Netherstorm. Oh, and actually finish all the LFR’s to do the aforementioned smiting of Garrosh. Yeah, that too.

It’s good to be back ๐Ÿ™‚

12 thoughts on “A Not-So-Saintly Priest Tier Twist

  1. Why thanks! But you too can make up awesome names! Either let your mind wander and pick something “scenic” that a piece reminds you of, or pick words from individual pieces that stand out to you, and string them together. SUCH AS:

    “Glory of the Guardian”
    “Guardian’s Last Glory”
    “The Last Saint”
    “Pulsing Touch” … Ooh that one sounds naughty.

  2. That’s one skimpy outfit for a priest! But as BElf it would be tricky for you not to dress her skimpily – that’s how they roll ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Ha! Yes, you are absolutely right. I like to think that I’ve been mostly tame with her transmogs of late, but once I had these final pieces there was no way I could keep her looking all prim and proper!

  3. Those vestments always look sexy on BE’s! And don’t forget Sundays! It might be early but flex is open to everyone in the guild who is geared enough for LFR.

    1. Ah, of course! I’ll try my best to come along this weekend. Now that Disco has bailed on WoW *sniffle* I can at least palm off dinner and child duties to him. One positive, I guess!

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