A Not-So-Saintly Priest Tier Twist

You didn’t really think I would miss an opportunity to smite Garrosh in the face, did you? I’ve even dressed up my Priest for the occasion. I reckon even the hotness that is Lor’themar Theron would approve of my battle garments (Though my mother most certainly wouldn’t). Presenting the “I will never be as amazing at naming ‘mogs as Prinnie” bastardisation of Vestments of Ternion Glory: … Continue reading A Not-So-Saintly Priest Tier Twist

Some Love For My Under-Appreciated Mage

There are only a special few who know that I have a Mage. She was born out of a strange desire to have a character on an RP server who would follow in the footsteps of Harrison Jones and dedicate her life to Archaeology (It’s rude to laugh, you know). I was  trying to bring this weird fantasy to life when the Scroll of Resurrection … Continue reading Some Love For My Under-Appreciated Mage

A Hunter Appreciation Week Confession

I like to fancy myself as a bit of an altoholic. Ever since The Burning Crusade I have always had multiple characters at level cap. Things were quite frankly out of control at the end of Cataclysm, with me having two Priests, a Druid, a Warrior, a Rogue, a Mage, a Warlock and a Paladin at level cap, with a Death Knight and Shaman who … Continue reading A Hunter Appreciation Week Confession

An Emergency Transmog For A Stubborn Paladin

The other day while I was catching up with my blog roll, I noticed something truly horrific. My husband, Disconcur, has been immortalised in comic form! Well, that wasn’t the horrific thing, yay for Disco! The horrific thing was his outfit: compared to the class and elegance of bloggers such as Navimie, Luxypie, as well his fellow raiders, my husband’s Paladin looked like it had been … Continue reading An Emergency Transmog For A Stubborn Paladin

Community Blog Topic: Is Leveling Too Easy?

My Alliance guild has a dream: a dream to unlock the Stay Classy achievement. Not a guild to do things the “normal” way, our GM started a little Pandaren hunter and went about leveling in the most peculiar way; a way that many of us veterans may not even consider in this day and age. He isn’t wearing any heirlooms. He hasn’t stepped foot into … Continue reading Community Blog Topic: Is Leveling Too Easy?

Three Things I’ve Learned As An Arena Newbie

There comes a time in every shaman’s life when battlegrounds may not be enough to sate your blood lust and you find yourself in awkward situations like creating a character on the Arena Tournament server to help hinder Luxy and Disconcur in their quest for the title. In my short time attempting not to suck, I have picked up some pretty important (and probably obvious, … Continue reading Three Things I’ve Learned As An Arena Newbie

Gaming Goals For June

Setting goals is something that is pretty foreign to me. Sure, I’ve set guild goals like, ‘let’s start raiding by x time’ or whatever, but on a personal level I have always been happy to just coast through life seeing where it takes me. Apparently I’ve grown up over the past few months or something, because I want to get shit done, and apparently adults … Continue reading Gaming Goals For June

Little Blogger Lost

In old news, the Activision-Blizzard investor call has revealed that World of Warcraft lost 1.3 million subs since February. Then there is the Newbie Blogger Initiative Anniversary round up. Depending on the blog and the way they determined which blogs are active (Many round up posts included Healing Mains as active, for example, but the latest post is in fact a closing down notice), roughly … Continue reading Little Blogger Lost

Quest Rewards, World PvP And A Very Sore Head…

I have heard a lot of people complain that they just never got gear for their offspec while questing. I even had some friends who would resort to switching specs before handing in stuff so they could get what they needed. This puzzled me, since on every one of my hybrids that I leveled to 90, there was regularly an offspec reward to choose from. … Continue reading Quest Rewards, World PvP And A Very Sore Head…